Paintball in Costa Brava

Far West Paintball in Sant Pere Pescador - Costa Brava

Paintball Costa BravaWe offer 4 different thematic paintball fields that contain obstacles for you to hide behind for your protection. You can also enjoy night games as the play zone is illuminated.

It's perfect for birthday parties, stag or hen parties, sports association celebrations and team building corporate events.

The paint is vegetable oil based and is water-soluble..

Paintball Costa Brava

What is Paintball?

Paintball is a game where participants use markers powered by compressed air to shoot small balls at the players of the opposing team. When these balls impact on someone or some obstacle they burst and release the paint. It's a safe, fun and analytical sport.

In a normal game of paintball, two teams confront each other with the mission of eliminating all the players of the opposing team or achieving an objective (such as capturing a flag or eliminatingan opponent). It is a game of strategy and,in order to achieve the objective, the players need to be daring and have courage, precision, confidence and personal control amongst other skills, and always in a safe and friendly environment.

Paintball Costa Brava
The number of balls shot during a game varies according to the type of game and the player. The marshal in charge of the game explains the rules and regulations of the game before you play, and accompanies the group at all times.