Football Golf in Sant Pere Pescador - Costa Brava

futbol_golf  Costa BravaWHAT IS FOOTBALL GOLF?

Football Golf is a sport that can be played individually or in teams. The idea of this game is to kick a full-sized football into a hole marked with a flag in the least number of shots possible. It isuniversally popular and suitable for all ages.

The difficulty level of each hole is measured by its Par reference. The Par is the hypothetical number of shots needed to reach each hole. This is a technical guideline thatdesignates the level of each hole. The specific Par for each hole varies between 2 and 8 shots.

futbol golf sant pere pescadorWhen you arrive, each player will be supplied with a football, and each group receives a game form and a pen to write down the shots they have taken to complete each hole. In order to avoid confusion amongst the players, each one will be given a different coloured football. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and trainers.

It takes about an hour aproximately to complete the circuit, depending on the speed and the number of players in the group.

It's a safe activity, which is easy to understand and do, and ideal for playing with your friends, family or colleagues!