Combat Laser in Sant Pere Pescador - Girona

Combat Laser Girona

If you're looking for serious fun, action and challenges using state of the art equipment, where you'll be more motivated and burn more calories than you'll ever do at the gym, then try Laser Combat.

Laser Combat is a completely new live activity full of challenges andexcitement, developed for the purpose oftactical combat games.

Laser combat players participate inincredibly realistic simulated missions, called Live-Plays, either individually or in teams.

You can come with a group of friends or in organized groups.

It's perfect for birthday parties, stag/hen parties, sports association celebrationsand team building corporate events.

Combar Laser games create live plays of your favourite computer simulated war games. Our missions challenge players to use their individual skills combined with teamwork and strategies to defend or attack a base, rescue hostages, protect VIPs, and other simulated scenarios.

Our combat laser markers includes a range of sophisticated replica gaming markers that have an authentic look, weight and size similar to the original. They are programmed with realistic sound effects, but emit no projectiles of any sort. Our guns are accurate up to a range of 150m. The games are safe, clean and painless and do not require protective masks. They are fun for men, women,boys and girls with any level of physical fitness.

Our Combat Laser markers enable a high level of accuracy thanks to an integrated red dot scope. Unlike paintball markers, Combat Laser gaming markers shoot infrared pulses, which are completely safe, clean and painless, and attain great precision and long range.